Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kobe Bryant is a Spoiled Rich Girl

I had a dream the other day... Okay, it was after lunch this afternoon as I was daydreaming about things I could be doing if I wasn't where I was, which was in the office.

In the dream Kobe Bryant was being chased by Scooby and the gang, who were dead set on finding the reasons behind his abnormal behavior.

'I want to be traded!'

'Well, maybe not!'

'Bring back Jerry West and I'll be Happy!'

'Never mind! I hate you all! Trade me! Trade me! Trade me!'

When Scooby and company finally caught up with Kobe, Fred reached out and pulled on Kobe's face. SCHLOOP! The mask came off!

Underneath it was Paris Hilton.

Yes, Kobe is a spoiled, rich girl whose never known what it's like to go through a down time. I have a hard time feeling sorry for someone who already has 9 All Star appearances and 3 championship rings before he hit the age of 30. And now! Oh no! He may have to suffer the indignity of playing through a REBUILDING PROCESS! Poor, poor Kobe! Let's all feel sorry for him now!

I have some sympathy--SOME--for the great players who ask to be traded in the twilight of their careers to get one last shot at that ring. Guys like Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Ray Bourque, or Cris Carter. Guys who never got that ring (though I have more respect for guys like Marino, Reggie Miller, or John Stockton who stick it out with their teams without crying about never getting their chances).

If I were Mitch Kupchak I would trade Kobe.

To the Mnnesota Timberwolves, for Kevin Garnett.

They could make a Simple Life-like reality show out of it where Kobe would find out what it's like to REALLY have to rebuild and play for a team that REALLY has incompetent management.

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Tim Susman said...

I dunno about this. You're closer to the action than I am, but this whole thing has the feel of a clumsily managed publicity stunt rather than a genuine offer--an attempt to push the Lakers to take some chances to rebuild the roster, for example. As has been documented all over the place, where the heck would Kobe go? Who could offer straight-up value or even a package of young'uns? I see maybe New York only because Isaiah is probably wetting himself at the prospect of getting to coach the ultimate chucker... but would Kobe be happy playing for an even worse franchise that traded away all its potential just to get him? Maybe he's just not thinking that far ahead, but it's hard for me to see how any team that would be able to trade for him would land him in a better situation.