Monday, February 5, 2007

Manic Monday Afterthoughts

Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly satisfied and happy with the fact that a team I'm a fan of FINALLY wins the big one. I've had my share of upsets and failed chances since I started watching sports, so I certainly know what losing feels like. I just hadn't felt what it was like to truly win the big one until last night.

But you know what? I can safely say that I wasn't as stoked after the super bowl win than I was when Jackson picked off that Tom Brady pass and slid down to win the AFC championship. The game became an instant classic in a matter of seconds after the final buzzer sounded, and for good reason. I can't remember a game where I had so many heart attacks and became a walking commercial for Prilosec. While I admit to being mildly nervous in the first half of the super bowl, the Colts just took care of business so efficiently in the second half that there was never any real danger of losing the game.

I'm not complaining one bit. I'm just honestly a bit surprised at myself at how I can feel just... well, good, instead of ecstatic, about the super bowl win for the beloved blue and white. I guess I have New England to thank for ruining my total enjoyment of an all-out win even WHEN we beat them (now THAT'S a true rival). A lot of media reporters have grumbled about this being a boring super bowl, but as I was just saying, if only we could pit the two best teams against each other, instead of AFC vs. NFC, then we'd really end up with good games. Think about it! Just rank all the teams that make the playoffs, make a tree, and go, just like the good ol' NCAA tourney (for basketball, of course). We probably would've ended up with the AFC championship for the super bowl, and that would've been truly super.

Lingering thoughts about Miami:

1. No, I'm sorry Peyton, you are NOT the MVP. It's a tough one for me to answer even after that emphatic statement, as I really want three people to share the award- Joseph Addai, Dominic Rhodes, and Bob Sanders. If you'll remember, my pre-game prediction was that Joseph Addai would be an excellent rusher and check-down receiver for the Colts and would be MVP. He was the former, but not the latter, unfortunately. Dominic put on some red spandex and yellow lightning bolts near his ears and was absolutely fantastic as well. And Bob Sanders? Well, Indy would have a tough time being here, I think, if it weren't for him. He was huge, even though his stats may not have shown it- near a half dozen tackles, a forced fumble, and an interception, but I swear I saw number 21 near the ball almost every single play. Unlike Lay's potato chips, you CAN have just one when it comes to MVPs, so if I have to choose one, I have to give it to the defense- Bob Sanders. By the way, did anyone else notice that the only other player standing up on the podium with the Lombardi trophy besides Manning was Sanders? Obviously SOMEONE figured out, hey, this guy's kinda good. Or maybe he just snuck up there. He's only 5'8", after all.

2. We heard all week long how this game was going to be about Chicago D versus Indy O. Indy O was great and Chicago D wasn't. In fact, I think Archie, carrying favor with the New Orleans crowd, freelanced a witch doctor to poke needles into Chicago's front 4. Those guys were hemorrhaging holes Dan Klecko could've darted through. In fact, I'm surprised they didn't give the big guy an honorary carry since they seem to play "pin the tail on the offensive position" with him.

3. Chicago lost big on stats. REAL big. I think you've got to hand it to their special teams- if it weren't for them, the score would've actually shown the stat discrepancy.

4. No, I did not think 5 fumbles was exciting. In fact, it sucked, even though Indy got some of them back. That's just sloppy football, and sloppy and wild isn't as fun to watch as well-excecuted and skillful.

5. MVP for commercials? Easily Garmin's ad, mimicking a horrible Japanese Power-Rangersesque fight scene. Absolutely brilliant. Close second goes to Bud Light for the hitchhiker ad.

All in all it was an enjoyable evening, and for once, things went my way, as well as for Jim, who's been pining over the Colts for a ring even longer than I have. Congratulations to the entire organization, not just to Peyton or to Dungy, but to the entire team. It was an all-around team effort that won pretty much all of their playoff games, and I think the real story was definitely the entire defensive unit, who was incredible all post-season long.

Thanks to the Colts for an fitting end to another NFL season. I'm already looking forward to seeing how many Bengals players can get arrested next year!

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Freelancer said...

I think I agree with both you and Tim in that I didn't mind the fumbles, but I did. Well, some I didn't mind, like Bob Sanders putting his hat on the ball and popping it free. Same for that kickoff fumble. And the Joseph Addai fumble had less to do with the ball being wet than it did the defender being at Addai before the ball was! But Fletcher's fumble and Rex's INTs (while I liked the results) were sloppy indeed.