Friday, February 2, 2007

Trends we'd like to see

The Giants (San Francisco version) have always been a little bit maverick in MLB--moving to the west coast, paying for a new stadium out of their own pocket, overpaying starting pitching (okay, maybe not so maverick on that one). Now here's another trend they're starting, and I hope it catches on: explaining their apparently boneheaded moves to their fans.

Okay, some of his explanations are a little head-scratching ("signing Barry to a one-year contract helped us pursue a long-term strategy toward getting the club back on track"), but his heart is in the right place.

More letters we'd like to see:

From Glen Taylor: "While I understand the miserable record Kevin McHale has compiled as GM of the Wolves, Kevin Garnett still likes him. So he stays."

From Scott Pioli: "When Bill [Belichick] told me to go ahead and let Vinatieri go, I swear to God I thought he was serious. I mean, come on. You try telling when he's being sarcastic. Christ."

From Gary Bettman: "...turning down ESPN to sign with the Versus network helps us pursue a long-term strategy toward getting the NHL back on track to overtake Arena League Football in popularity by the year 2013..."

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