Sunday, February 4, 2007

More Big Game Prognostications

So, once again, it's time for the Super Bowl, the third most exciting sports day of the year, narrowly beat by the first Thursday of the NCAA basketball tournament.. and the first Friday of the NCAA tournament. Your trusty correspondant Arrowed is on top of things, though, with your spot-on Super Bowl preview:

They beat them earlier this year, so there's familiarity between our two teams, but the Patriots need to stick to their game plan against the Bears. Tom Brady needs to watch out for the Bears' Cover 2 and make sure he avoids interceptions, and..

Oh, you say the Patriots didn't win last week? Oh. Funny, I kind of blacked out after halftime for some reason. I'm not too torn up about it - though I would have been had the Patriots not won a whole bunch of Super Bowls recently. Honestly I think teams should be limited to two Super Bowls in a 5-10 year span - by the time Super Bowl $Roman_Numeral came around in 2004, I was openly not watching the Pats beating the Eagles because it didn't mean too much to me. The first one, in 2001? Yeah. I was sick with mono at the time, but that game filled me with so much nervousness and energy that by the time it was over I wanted to run a marathon.

As for the real Super Bowl, I'm somewhat disappointed in my fellow New England fans, who appear to have a solid majority rooting for the Bears today. For shame. New England seems to think that Indianapolis are our "rivals," which isn't quite true. As a Red Sox fan, I'd tend to think of "rivals" as "teams that beat us a lot," such as the Yankees, Broncos, and Canadiens. I suppose Pats fans figure that if Peyton continues to not have a ring, then we can feel secure that Tom Brady is the better quarterback. It's a valid point, but shortsighted. For football as a whole, it would be a disaster if the Bears, with their anemic offense, poor QB, and amazing defense won. It'd be like the neutral zone trap years in hockey all over again, where 1-0 and 2-1 games were the norm and bored everyone into watching something more exciting like Professional Paint Drying. (Look out - hockey reference! It's a sport played on ice kinda like curling mixed with basketball, or something like that.)

Honestly, I think the Colts can handle the Bears. This game is drawing comparisons (mainly from me and me alone) to the Ravens-Giants game of a few years back, and I'm pretty sure Peyton is a smidge better than Kerry Collins. I'm predicting a repeat of the 2003 Super Bowl - a low-scoring game to halftime, 9-3 or something like that, before a flurry of scores puts the final to 30-20 Colts, but the game won't be as close as the score indicates, much like the Colts-Ravens playoff game last month.

So, as the Freelancer noted, we're about to go have a big manly Super Bowl party which I'm sure will be filled with beer, grunting, self-scratching, nachos, yelling, and big-screen pregame shows. Or perhaps wine, fondue, tasty hummus hors d'oeuvres, and Puppy Bowl III. Ok, fine, but in my defense, Puppy Bowl is oddly riveting. Awww. Lookit those puppies..

Ok, nevermind, it is really sad.

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